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Retail services

Organic growth

  • Sales turnover forecast accuracy improvement by more than 90%
  • Multiple growth of the units opened without any quality loss
  • Closure fraction decrease by 1-2%
  • Automatic count and modeling of the money flow
  • Improvement of the development managers' productivity in two times

Assortment optimization

  • Optimal range of product selection based on historic data and discovery of clients’ behavioral insights 
  • Recommendations of concrete product items’ inputs/outputs and their amount
  • Reduction of the inventory, working capital optimization
  • Modeling of the optimal product range when increasing/reducing the floor-space
  • Cross-selling and promotions



  • Automatic pricing system (substituting manual work)
  • Dynamic pricing (finding the point of elasticity)
  • Personalized pricing


Loyalty programs

  • Determination of the most relevant items for personalized e-mail distribution (conversion increase)
  • Feedback increase (personalized pricing and extra sales)
  • Personal offers, including items recommendations



  • Application of the machine learning methods based on the product range recommending system
  • Field staff work automation through the use of mobile applications and the web-interface management system



  • Optimization of the delivery logistics using known in advance addresses as well as random ones