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Automation and Big Data

Stream analytics

  • Filtering, aggregating and correlating streaming data in order to detect patterns and enable useful insights
  • Real-time steam data analysis
  • Forecast of users’ wants and needs by their activity on the website

Machine learning

  • Creation of the learning program that is based on the data with patterns in order to find new data patterns 
  • Choice of the method: supervised learning, unsupervised learning, neural networks
  • Algorithms choice and their parameters optimization
  • Factors’ broadening and data quality improvement
  • Software deployment on the clients’ servers


Field workers automation

  • Development of the structure and logic of the mobile application for IOS and Android
  • Data integration from the mobile application to the main database
  • Monitoring system set up and field workers’ KPI control by time, location and special checkmarks
  • Technology implementation, creation of a new information materials in the form of text, video courses, staff teaching